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Euan Smith

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I was brought up in Rotorua till the age of 10 years, having the ideal kiwi childhood, running around on farms after school and during the holidays, accompanying my father, who was a vet. Dad was a handyman sort and installed this trait in me early on and this developed my love for construction.


My foundation building skills were further developed as I helped him build the family home, when we moved to Auckland. My father also installed in me a love of cars, when we would spend a multitude of Saturdays working on various cars and perfecting my mechanical skills.

After moving to Auckland with the family, I completed high school at Auckland Grammar then straight out of school I went into a fast-paced management cadet role with NZ Couriers. I progressed through different roles and companies to end as an Ops Manager for Flyways Computer Transport before heading overseas for my OE in the mid 90’s. The years in the freight transport were extremely valuable in honing my time management, leadership, and organisational skills.

After 2 years overseas working in different jobs and exploring the UK, I realised it was time to get serious about my future and knew I did not want to go back to a desk job. So, I was drawn back to the building industry which I still had great passion for. I began a job with Hutchins Builders Ltd and signed up for building apprenticeship at the age of 30.


I qualified as a carpenter in just over 3 years and spent the next 6 years gaining more experience running jobs and dealing with all manner of builds with Hutchins Builders Ltd, until I took the plunge and started my own business in 2004.

Euan Smith Family

My first ever build with my new business, was a big build of a brand new home for a good friend and tiler subcontractor, Rob and my new venture was off. While we worked on Renovations, New build, Small and big jobs, my passion grew for the bungalows and villas. The skills involved in completing these projects are unique and involve using many of the skills that my father had taught me at a young age.


From these lessons and my experiences over the years, I have built a passion for renovating and modernizing older bungalows and Villas while still retaining that outward traditional appeal.


In all projects, I have found there are many possible variables to consider and solve for to produce a top-quality result. I enjoy this challenge, figuring out the best cost-effective solutions, using my experience, my team, and of course, our clients go ahead. Therefore, these sorts of renovations have become our specialty.


The name MBD Builders Ltd, stemmed from my other great focus, my sons - Matthew, Benjamin, and Daniel. They have always been a big motivator and focal point in my life. I have spent many weekends, like other dads, being a side-line supporter at football games, coaching teams and being involved in clubs and Scouts with them. The boys have also been a big support and help for me with my love of motor racing, both in the garage and at the racetrack.

Recently my family has grown, becoming a modern Brady Bunch with my wife Jo, and her daughters joining me and my boys.


Jo has also recently joined me in the business and coming from a corporate background, is helping smooth out our processes and supporting me in the administration and marketing of the business.


Her legendary customer service skills are helping to bring great communication and a people focused culture to our business. This is freeing me up from the paperwork to concentrate on the project management of our sites and…. allows me to sneak off occasionally to spend time working on my race car!

Euan with his dad
Euan and sons
MBD Racing Car

Dad and I

My sons

Brady Bunch

My racing car

Working together

At MBD Builders Ltd, the team of builders and subtrades that I rely on, share the drive and passion for excellence that I have strived to achieve over the years. They also, like me, take pride in providing a great service and a quality result for our clients.

I would love to chat to you about your upcoming project to see if MBD Builders Ltd is the right fit for you too!  So give me a call or send me the details through the contact button below. 

I look forward to working with you soon!

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