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Frequently asked Questions

  • When should you get a builder involved in your project?
    Start with your builder. Straight up advise from a Certified Builder like MBD Builders Ltd can save you time and money when making the critical decisions for your build. We can put you in touch with the right architects or engineers to ensure your project meets your expectation and budget.
  • Do I need a building consent?
    Building Consent is needed when the building work you want to undertake affects the structure, changes the use of a room or building, adding amenities or affects the water tightness of a building. Examples Additions & alterations Changing Cladding Removing load-bearing walls Changes to plumbing and drainage Re-piling a building Retaining walls higher than 1.5m Decks more than 1m of the ground Boundary Fencing and Walls over 2m Swimming Pools
  • Do I need a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) to complete the building work?
    Yes. Any work that requires a building consent in New Zealand needs to be carried out by an LBP.
  • Does my Builder need to be a member of an Association?
    It is in your best interests. A member of New Zealand Certified Builders Assoc is trade qualified and ensures that you receive a 10year Halo guarantee. NZCB have strict membership criteria, so all members must have a history of stability and success with a solid reputation for meeting their client’s expectations.
  • Can I make changes to the build during construction?
    Yes, you can but any major changes could result in a variation needed to your building consent. We can advise you if this is the case which could significantly increase the costs. Any requests that result in extra labour and/or material costs will be treated as a variation to the contract. All variations will be costed and presented to you for approval - authorising the builder to carry out these changes before any works can begin.
  • When is the Code of Compliance Certificate Issued?
    A Code of Compliance Certificate (CCC) application will only be processed once the final inspection has taken place and been passed. We will complete the CCC process as part of the project management. This includes submitting all required information to the council, including any required producer statements. A producer statement is issued by a licensed professional with the expertise to carry out the work e.g. Builder, electrician, plumber and engineer and is evidence that the work is compliant with the Building Code.
  • What do I need to Consider When Renovating a Villa or Bungalow?
    Before you start, you will need to have a good idea of what style you want. Will it be in keeping with the period build or will you modernise the look for today? Do you want to create a home that has all the function of a modern house, while keeping a feel for the past or a sleek minimalist look creating your own style? Take those first steps by talking to an expert. Book a FREE consultation with MBD builders below, to discuss what you are after and how we can make your dream a reality.
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